This is a small utility to convert raw files to jpeg. I have been searching for some tool which can quickly transform raw file to jpeg quickly.  As a photographer i needed something like this for sending picture or sharing immediately.

Technology :  C++ ,qt,magick++

Features :

  1. drag and drop support.
  2. Options to specify specify jpeg compression, output name  and jpeg compression ratio.
  3. One click conversion to high quality jpeg.

Drawbacks :

  1.     Plenty 🙂  .  I just spent half day on this  and most of it is spent on learning and compiling imagemagick . Presently it is in pre alpha stage , you are welcome to modify it. Most things are in place , just a bit debugging is required.

Download Link :

Debug error in qtcreator

I generally use eclipse in my ubuntu box. This afternoon i decided to use qtcreator for a change. Found a annoying bug in qdebug for console application , which is due to some security changes in ubuntu .

Here is the error….

ptrace: Operation not permitted.

Could not attach to the process. Make sure no other debugger traces this process.
Check the settings of
For more details, see /etc/sysctl.d/10-ptrace.conf

Solution :

1. Open command line and move to this folder

cd /etc/sysctl.d/
2. Edit this file

sudo nano 10-ptrace.conf
3. change the value of
kernel.yama.ptrace_scope = 0

Thats it 🙂