Finally got Kitkat :-)


Never waited so eagerly for kitkat before. Finally got it an hour back. Apart from some icon changes , haven’t noticed anything visually striking yet. One thing i can confirm that this one is fast. Can’t resist myself any farther , lets explore . Will write more later

Gigantic burger @ truffles


Just finished this  burger at truffles . We saw this food joint several times on our way to ub city,  but never had opportunity to hit this place. This afternoon while walking near anil kumble circle we saw a random guy bitting a huge burger. Immediately we decided to have it. This is a simple chicken burger without any fancy name.  But there are sizes (l,m,xl and xxl ) . I settled for xl . Filled with lots of mashed chicken, favoured meo, two fat buns and plateful of potato chips,  It was enough for two person.  Not the testiest,  not the tallest but definitely the biggest. And i would rate it as the best burger experience in Bangalore (considering value for money and highly spirited ambience).

Kernel Fun (Day 1)

{This is a part of a series on my interactions with linux kernel . I will make entry about every days proceedings.  }

I decided to play with kernel a bit. Actually I was playing with shell scripting, and wanted to learn some system calls. After browsing a bit , I realized it would be easier to learn if i start messing up with kernel. And in the process , I might be able to add one or two new words in my cv 🙂

Getting the code

1 . First I installed virtualbox . Installation was very easy , just keep accepting all the default stuffs.

2. Then I started the virtual machine with a ubuntu image .

3. After installing ubuntu I installed git (It is a svn used for managing kernel source)

sudo apt-get install git

4. Next I moved to my home directory and downloaded the latest kernel source by issuing the following command

git clone git://

5. You may use pull to update the code
git pull

So that completes downloading and setting up environment . Tomorrow will try to compile it.