My november

My November

By: Rwik Mukhopadhyay


In this life full of emotions

Why can’t you forget us?

They(lawmakers) have forgiven them(a certain country)

Then why?

Why contributing in global warming,

with flaming candles !

(Now, let’s talk about a certain politician caught in scandal)

They say,

Your video is authentic.

It was November 2008,

and luckily,

‘they’ were not filming you.

And you,

The news men.

Why you always talk about nothing in particular?

You report as though you care,

But all you care is bloody trp.


on November 2008,

you needed my blood to pump your trp.

They showed,

you can handle 3 ladies at one shot.

but on bloody  November

they preferred gunshot.

They dint cover you back then.

Me,my body was burning in flashlights.

And my bed was warm

Just like yours.


mine was filled with my own blood.

Not with some whore’s poison.

And at last,

they called,

Asked me to put a towel under the door.

I rushed.

My towel tried to fill the gap

ignored by intelligence and government.

But then the door opened,

I knew it was impossible to survive,

But then I realised.

Hard nosed bullets are too hard

for my pupils…

{Dedicated to the victims of mumbai massacre. Inspired by a Indiblogger ad   }

Originally published here

Name :)

The other day , when I was chatting with my buddys we came to know that there are some people living in romania whose surnames are really funny if pronounced in Hindi. So I sat with google and delved into some yellow pages and social sites and brought out these names. First of all you shouldn’t get angry if you see your name here ;) This is meant for pure fun. And I expect people to contribute profoundly. So here goes the list….


1. Srilaxmi Gandla This surname is quite humorous. what you think? if you want to check her out here is thelink. I have also found a blog called :)

2. Robin Gandley She is a professor in a prestigious institute. Here is her public profile.

3. Chip Munk Surprisingly he is not Chinese.

4.Dr. Hymen I got his name from this article.

5.Fiona Lo Fu Kiu Just try to utter the end part quickly. I discovered her from facebook.

6.Marshall Law And we are talking about a person, not about army law.

7.Dr. Les Plack You guessed it right. He is a dentist.

8.Jack Haas It’s such a common name .

This list can go on and on. Please suggest if you find anything. Am closing this with a hindi film nameAndheri Raat Mein Diya Tere Haath Mein . Hero of this movie is Master Bhagwan. And here is the proof.

My views on reservations in india

If you are reading this article just to find some brand new facts or opinion, then am afraid to inform you that there is absolutely nothing new in this article. My school buddy Dr. Soumalya has posted some updates in orkut regarding reservation,secularism and minority politics. I don’t know what provoked him, but it’s his words which inspired me to spend some time on  writing this  article.

You see, reservation is not a new stuff in our country. And most of us know that it’s not an option. Still most of us favors it. The reason behind this is different for different people. Some of us are enjoying it, as they fall under minority tag. Some of us are in politics, and we  love minority vote bank. And there are many people, who doesn’t have an opinion. So they remain silent. Taking advantage of this situation, our government is introducing various types of reservations for various stages of society.

The result of this:-

1. Incompetent people in important positions.

2. Worst affected area is the medical profession, probably. It gets hit in 3 phases. First, they are getting advantage in entrance test( this heinous injustice may be compared to maradona’s hand of god incident :) ). Secondly  some incompetent people become doctor, which is pretty dangerous for public health.And because of these incompetent doctors, the meritorious doctors who belong to reserved category, gets affected. For example, I personally avoid going to schedule cast doctors fearing he is incompetent(Provided, he is totally unknown to me). Trust me, there are plenty of people who thinks in my way.

3. Reservation in any form, ignites racism. It’s like acknowledging races in official way.

4. It’s like wasting tax payers hard earned money to give some people undue advantages.

5. Some antisocial built their business around this situation. How? they provide fake sc/st/obc certificates to so called “higher” cast people. So that they can enjoy the fruit of  reservation unlawfully.

6. Countries overall growth suffers.

I know I have missed a lot of points in the above list. To be frank, that list is endless. So how to improve the condition of  backward people ?  I must say, Darwin was politically incorrect when he talked about survival of the fittest. We fail to accept that success and prosperity is not for everyone. Able and hardworking people will move forward, regardless of his cast. And rest of us will stay behind to form the backward class of society. In my opinion, if we really want to see more people in the upper crest, we may consider these ………..

1. Provide proper primary education, nutrition , freedom of thought , access to knowledge resources at early stages rather than pushing him into iits or iims at a later stage.

2. Arrange for scholarships for economically backward people, and please for god’s sake don’t select them based on cast or religion.

3. Teach the minorities not to think themselves as minorities.

4. And obviously, stop doing cast or religion oriented politics.

After all we are human not vote bank. Politicians should realize this.

(Originally published here )

And I am back

Welcome to my blog once again. I used to own this domain during my college days, then I discontinued. Buying a domain & hosting was a bit complex here in India. Thanks to BigRock for making things simpler. I bought back my domain, looking forward to spend some quality time in here. Hope, you will like it.

Thanks                                                                                                                                   Rwik

Customising Qtable

I was searching a while for these recipes. Hope these will come handy for novice qt coders.

1. Making a cell read only.

    QTableWidgetItem *item;
    item=new QTableWidgetItem();
    item->setFlags(!Qt::ItemIsEditable);//Read about flags in api doc.

2. Adding a widget in a table cell

    QComboBox *comboWidget = new QComboBox();//create any widget
    comboWidget->addItems(list);//adding a string list to add values
    ui->tw->setCellWidget(0,0,comboWidget);//row,column,widget variable

3. Detecting type of widget in a cell

Check this answer

4. Adding text to a cell.

QTableWidgetItem *item;

item=new QTableWidgetItem();
 item->setText("HELLO WORLD");

5.Fetching double values from a cell

double temp =ui->tw->item(row,column)->text().toDouble();

6. setting width of each qt columns.
ui->tableWidget->horizontalHeader()->resizeSection(columnNumber, size);

7. Setting up labels for columns.
QStringList list;
list<<“First”<<“Second”; ui->tw->setHorizontalHeaderLabels(list);

Playing with QString

It was required to add an identification token at the end of qstring. Do some operation based on that token and while displaying data remove that token. Here is how I did it …

(here the word excluding brackets is the token for us)

QString abb = "hello world <gh> <solid>shygdajs";//STRING TO PLAY
        int e= abb.lastIndexOf(">");//where <solid> ends
        int s= abb.lastIndexOf("<");//where <solid> starts
        int size = e-s;//size of token <solid>
        QString key = abb.mid(s+1,size-1);//extract token
        QString m="sgdsakh sads  <  ";
        m=m.trimmed();//remove white spaces from both sides
        m = m+"<solid>";//appending data at the end
        m=m.left(s);// string without newly added data

I hope this code will save time for beginners. For theory you can
always refer to qt’s inbuilt documentation.