If government has to be trusted , then we must admit that corruption is vanished since congress is gone. Swatch bharat is a successful mission. Railway is improved as they have already implemented all budget promises . And of course there’s no intolerance.
But as a normal person , i am yet to get any benefits. If corruption is gone then inflation must reduce or at least stay same. But food items are getting costlier every month. People who are living in Bangalore , swatch Bharath is a myth for them , but we are paying extra tax for that. Rail tickets for Bangalore to kolkata is almost equivalent to flight tickets at times. But i don’t experience any improvement in services. Same stinking food and dirty toilets.  Of course late running is still there. Regarding intolerance , it is widely present without any doubt. And for that all of us is responsible. If you are denying then you are totally wrong.  Just try searching for a rented house in Bangalore . your religion and cast matters the most.

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