Phonography vs photography


Off late, I have been observing a trend in various news articles and mobile review blogs to compare a mobile phone’s image taking capabilities with mobile  that of dedicated cameras. I neither have any pedigree in photography, nor in mobile phones,  but still i feel this comparison is pure rubbish.  I tell you why

  1. Even the cheapest digital camera has some degrees of optical zoom . In mobile it is rarely seen.
  2. More megapixel = more noise . Still mobile cameras solely emphasis on hitting  the highest megapixel possible. This is meaningless.
  3. Apart from very high end phones, shutter lag is generally very high in mobile cameras.
  4. Aperture and shutter speed are distant reality for mobile phones.
  5. Optical image stabilisation has just entered  mobile arena. Still years of  improvement required.

But still mobile photography is kind of blessing in disguise in many occasions.  When every other thing is not upto mark , only thing you can concentrate is  on  composition.  Which is great for beginners. Also mobile camera’s are good enough for lomography . Personally , I take a lot of pics with mobile where I am not carrying camera. And try some creative effects on them , when I feel bored (nice replacement for stupid games). But if I know beforehand that I am going to get some good subjects , I would definitely carry a camera.

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