How i read code

Just like any other developer, i love to read others codes. Sometimes just for pleasure, sometimes my job forces me to do so : ). There are basically two major aspects of reading others codes. If it is written by some wise jack, then it can teach you a few tricks . On the other hand, if it is authored by some jerk, you can concentrate on his mistakes. So you are gaining knowledge in both cases. Personally i prefer paying head in areas where i am weak. Here is a incomplete list of things that i pay attention to …

1. What coding standard is followed .

2. If any object naming convention is followed throughout the code.

3. If the code uses any os specific instructions. This reduces portability.

4. Whether any archaic stuff is used (eg. Goto)

5. Whether exception handling is in place .

6. Comments are important, but it shouldn’t outrun actual code.

7. Scalability is another important aspect which i look for (i need more experience here, so it’s a learning stuff for me)

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