My november

My November

By: Rwik Mukhopadhyay


In this life full of emotions

Why can’t you forget us?

They(lawmakers) have forgiven them(a certain country)

Then why?

Why contributing in global warming,

with flaming candles !

(Now, let’s talk about a certain politician caught in scandal)

They say,

Your video is authentic.

It was November 2008,

and luckily,

‘they’ were not filming you.

And you,

The news men.

Why you always talk about nothing in particular?

You report as though you care,

But all you care is bloody trp.


on November 2008,

you needed my blood to pump your trp.

They showed,

you can handle 3 ladies at one shot.

but on bloody  November

they preferred gunshot.

They dint cover you back then.

Me,my body was burning in flashlights.

And my bed was warm

Just like yours.


mine was filled with my own blood.

Not with some whore’s poison.

And at last,

they called,

Asked me to put a towel under the door.

I rushed.

My towel tried to fill the gap

ignored by intelligence and government.

But then the door opened,

I knew it was impossible to survive,

But then I realised.

Hard nosed bullets are too hard

for my pupils…

{Dedicated to the victims of mumbai massacre. Inspired by a Indiblogger ad   }

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