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The other day , when I was chatting with my buddys we came to know that there are some people living in romania whose surnames are really funny if pronounced in Hindi. So I sat with google and delved into some yellow pages and social sites and brought out these names. First of all you shouldn’t get angry if you see your name here ;) This is meant for pure fun. And I expect people to contribute profoundly. So here goes the list….


1. Srilaxmi Gandla This surname is quite humorous. what you think? if you want to check her out here is thelink. I have also found a blog called :)

2. Robin Gandley She is a professor in a prestigious institute. Here is her public profile.

3. Chip Munk Surprisingly he is not Chinese.

4.Dr. Hymen I got his name from this article.

5.Fiona Lo Fu Kiu Just try to utter the end part quickly. I discovered her from facebook.

6.Marshall Law And we are talking about a person, not about army law.

7.Dr. Les Plack You guessed it right. He is a dentist.

8.Jack Haas It’s such a common name .

This list can go on and on. Please suggest if you find anything. Am closing this with a hindi film nameAndheri Raat Mein Diya Tere Haath Mein . Hero of this movie is Master Bhagwan. And here is the proof.

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