My views on reservations in india

If you are reading this article just to find some brand new facts or opinion, then am afraid to inform you that there is absolutely nothing new in this article. My school buddy Dr. Soumalya has posted some updates in orkut regarding reservation,secularism and minority politics. I don’t know what provoked him, but it’s his words which inspired me to spend some time on  writing this  article.

You see, reservation is not a new stuff in our country. And most of us know that it’s not an option. Still most of us favors it. The reason behind this is different for different people. Some of us are enjoying it, as they fall under minority tag. Some of us are in politics, and we  love minority vote bank. And there are many people, who doesn’t have an opinion. So they remain silent. Taking advantage of this situation, our government is introducing various types of reservations for various stages of society.

The result of this:-

1. Incompetent people in important positions.

2. Worst affected area is the medical profession, probably. It gets hit in 3 phases. First, they are getting advantage in entrance test( this heinous injustice may be compared to maradona’s hand of god incident :) ). Secondly  some incompetent people become doctor, which is pretty dangerous for public health.And because of these incompetent doctors, the meritorious doctors who belong to reserved category, gets affected. For example, I personally avoid going to schedule cast doctors fearing he is incompetent(Provided, he is totally unknown to me). Trust me, there are plenty of people who thinks in my way.

3. Reservation in any form, ignites racism. It’s like acknowledging races in official way.

4. It’s like wasting tax payers hard earned money to give some people undue advantages.

5. Some antisocial built their business around this situation. How? they provide fake sc/st/obc certificates to so called “higher” cast people. So that they can enjoy the fruit of  reservation unlawfully.

6. Countries overall growth suffers.

I know I have missed a lot of points in the above list. To be frank, that list is endless. So how to improve the condition of  backward people ?  I must say, Darwin was politically incorrect when he talked about survival of the fittest. We fail to accept that success and prosperity is not for everyone. Able and hardworking people will move forward, regardless of his cast. And rest of us will stay behind to form the backward class of society. In my opinion, if we really want to see more people in the upper crest, we may consider these ………..

1. Provide proper primary education, nutrition , freedom of thought , access to knowledge resources at early stages rather than pushing him into iits or iims at a later stage.

2. Arrange for scholarships for economically backward people, and please for god’s sake don’t select them based on cast or religion.

3. Teach the minorities not to think themselves as minorities.

4. And obviously, stop doing cast or religion oriented politics.

After all we are human not vote bank. Politicians should realize this.

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