Micromax A110 (Poor man’s galaxy s3 :)

I was waiting for a smart phone upgrade for quite a while. I could have waited another 2-3 months ( wanted to see blackberry 10) but  Micromax a110 simply ruined my plan. Very rarely I get so impressed with any stuff. You can just buy it for the screen it is providing. A 5 inch ips screen at just 10k !!

  Already there are plenty of unboxing reviews done for this one. So I am not going to do that ( Actually I don’t have patience to film a gadget before start using it 🙂 ). I will just mention my findings about this gadget.                               1. Don’t expect a galaxy like display, but the display is superb.

2. One very good thing about this phone is, it’s radiation is very low (0.7 probably).

3. Don’t read too much about ram. I tried following apps without any trouble :

Angry birds (All variants 🙂 ), bad piggies,ninja jump, asphalt,cut the rope,instagram, temple run,saavn,vlc, google maps( The gps navigation is flawless, and very fast too ) etc.

As you can see, I tried all types of apps required for daily use.

4. There is one 2gb internal sd memory card attached. Which is enough  if you rely on cloud storage.

5. Camera is ordinary. Not at all good for Indore photography. But it performs decent enough when taken outside. Try shooting at lower megapixel to reduce noise.  Overall it’s a ordinary camera but thats what you expect from a mobile camera. For exceptional photography, carry a slr 🙂 .

6. It has a 2000 ma battery. With proper task management (Each task consumes battery power) you can use it just about a day.

7. The grip and look will make people believe that, it is galaxy s3 😉 . Most of my friends in facebook thought it is a galaxy s3 only . I kinda like that 🙂

Conclusion : If you are looking for a decent smart phone , which can fulfill all your android needs and if you dont want to use your phone as a server, then go for this. You may find better performers in this price, but it is the screen size, which stands out from the rest.

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