For the love of a ‘degree’

Education has become one of the most profitable business in our country. It’s a huge industry and a breeding ground for unaudited money , thanks to capitation fees. I was just thinking, whom to blame for this situation. The Government, who failed to offer adequate educational infrastructure. Corrupt private bodies, who utilized loopholes in the system to siphon out hard-earned money from “mango” people. But I realized, it is us who are actually responsible for this crisis.

The first thing that struck me about south indian marriage was the fact that the educational qualifications of both bride and groom are clearly mentioned on the marriage invitation card. I was in Tumkur (A small semi urban area near Bangalore) at the time, fulfilling my own educational goal. Many of my batchmates were first generation university goers. So I thought it was natural for them to brag about their achievements (No matter how ordinary it is). It appeared a sort of rural mentality to me. But later I realized  that I was totally wrong. Whether it is urban or rural, public or corporate sector, degrees hold a major role in our society. In Bangalore some kindergarten school is demanding some extra attention by using words like “IIT” and “IIM” on their sign board.  (Read the complete version here …)

This article was written for Seize The Word , an awesome webzine  🙂

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