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Many of us love to make perception about stuffs or people based on polls. Polls are always an integrated part of our lives. Online poles are relatively new. But they are respected by most of us, as to most of us, real life and online persona nearly converged. Whether robert vadra has really did some mischief or not, netizens will use two separate ways to form their opinions. Some of us would be ready to read few thousands words long articles on that issue, others will simply look for relevant opinion poles . So if you belong to the second tribe , I suggest you spend some time in  .

1. Central Idea : You will be presented with plenty of poles based on your interest . Each pole appears in a flash card like interface. You can either cheer or boo 🙂  Of course you can through a few lines on your choice. Thats it, nothing more.

2. Interface : If you have used pinterest then you are already familiar with it. It’s very clean and precisely informative.

3. Other : it’s still in beta. lets see what all going to be added in final version.

My words : A refreshingly new attitude towards poles. Hats off to them for representing some boring pieces of percentages in a attractive way.

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