Wishful thoughts on emerging time

I wish someone from past tells me how they crafted/dreamed about present i.e our time. They are the reason for every little thing in present. We too carrying forward the same legacy, knowingly or unknowingly we are shaping up future. Most of us (common chaps) are a passive component of this transformation process. But there are a few exceptions. In general we call them visionaries. They almost single handedly solve people’s inconvenience’s. Either they change the world for good, or show others the path to enlightenment. If I get such divine capabilities , I would love to do the followings :…..

1. Reduce Hunger : There is a 80/20 theory that even if you distribute 20% of entire planet’s money among 80 % poor people, they will still be hungry. We don’t realize the value for money, unless we earn it. Still I would love to distribute foods among those , who can’t earn it. If possible I would love to make self sufficient in the process.

2.Clone Humanly Humans: Kind hearted people are so rare these days. I fear in future they are in the verge of extinction. So if we have the technology I would love to clone these rare people rather than cloning some stupid lambs.

3. Teach kids to respect each other : We can leave a better world for them, but they should be qualified enough to live in a perfect world. So in order to become a better citizen, first they should learn to respect each other. I believe this single step will reduce anger and hatred among common people drastically. Which will contribute to the concepet world peace.

4.Better infrastructure in third world countries : I dream of a day when I can drink tap water in my home (In india) , just like my friends in us. No power issue, less potholes on my way home .

On a lighter note if I can I would love to change our digestive process. From the dawn of civilization , it is embarrassing us in many ways (Seriously, what is the need for producing gas :).

{This blog post is for  INK. I am designing the future in association with BlogAdda.com & INK talks.}

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