We can’t go back to past and fix everything

And we never realize that. What provoked me to write this post is the political situation in my home state.There has been a political change in my hometown. The ruling party has been shown the door after 34 years. The new party which came into power has highlighted the need for a change, a new beginning  throughout their electorial campaign. So common people in genaral, are dreaming for changes in all sectors. As if all unjust, and undue are going to be settled. The strong essence of this very dream is evident among most of us, including non political people. My friends, who were never involved with any political party,now became politically vocal . Thanks to social media.

Many of them are beliving in this dream of change, others are just opposing it. According to some, change has happend for good. Others say change is on the negative side. I must give thumbs up to the rulling govornment, for the fact that, at least they succeded to make people realise that some changes has happened in such a short time ( hardly 1 year). When a system is running for 34 years or so, be it possitive or negetive, any changes in it takes time.

I must say whatever has happened in last one year, are not fully acceptable. we noticed some flaws in the system. Somewhere we saw biasness or hooliganism of sort. Some blame games where some appropriate action was needed . But overall our situation has not been deteriorated. That is quit promising.Personally I believe 3 major factors worked behind this negative stuffs. Whenever a party comes into power, lots of unwanted people uses party’s name in getting undue advantages. it is near to impossible to restrict this immediately. Over the time, people will slowly identify these fellows, and eventually their wrong doings will be stopped. TMC is currently suffering because of this floating crowd. Hopefully everything will get settled over the time. Secondly, media biasness. Two out of three major source of bengali media are openly biased towards communists. India’s most eminent media tycoon is related to CPM’s supremo. So a major chunk of national and local media are in favor of opposition. Am not saying they are forging news are cooking up stories. they are just covering what they didn’t in past. For example, village hospitals run short of doctors. It’s a widely known fact. And because of this, some untrained,uneducated people are used for compounder’s job. It is totally illegal and unethical, but it has been there since independence or before that. Suddenly media became very interested in covering this story, and start blaming newly formed government for the same. Similarly in education, politics plays a major role because of those unions. And because of that some people got undue advantages in past. Media was silent at that time, now suddenly they become very much sensitive, whenever some people gets advantages because of their TMC tag. Whatever is happening is nothing new, only thing is media just got hypersensitive on these issues. If some changes can happen because of these hyper sensitivity , well and good. Lastly, there are some weak links in tmc which may never be rectified. But that is part and parcel of life. Even a battery comes with a positive and negative side, for a political party, it’s quit natural.

I believe every one will agree to one point. When a tried and tested formula fails repeatedly it’s wise to experiment with others, rather than sticking to old one. It may not fix our past blunders, but it may secure our future.

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