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My game recommendations . since i play on tablet  , i avoided games which are designed for phone only.

Technology for mankind

I became aware of usage of modern technologies in modern healthcare , during my college days. When we were searching for ideas about final year projects, I came across a proposal submitted by one of my batch mate which was completely unique. He planned about a belt to be worn by pregnant ladies , which can monitor her health and send email 30 min before labor pain starts. Many of us thought it was unrealistic. First of all we were not sure how safe it is to expose a expecting lady before wifi radiation for all the time. Secondly , we are still not that tech-savy to check mails every hour. But anyway, that project found a industry sponsor, and even though that project got ultimately scrapped , project members got hired by that company.

Research works are rarely encouraged in our country. So most of our talents get exported to western countries. Technology gets developed there . All that is left is to import those results and use them. But even a decade back , we were not doing that too. Obsolete technologies were prominent in all aspects of our society.
Thanks to change in decision maker’s mindset , growing economy and internet, things have changed . Now a days many private organizations are offering cutting edge facilities at our door step . As more & people opting for these services, technologies are becoming more affordable for common people.
Since medical field deals with people’s lives , I believe it should update itself always to provide the best possible solutions humanly possible. Here I list out some of the technical marvels , which I expect to see soon in our country.

1. Hygiene Monitors :


Hygiene is the single most important thing , and it is often neglected even by medical stuffs. I think all medical professionals will agree with me on this point . Sometimes they might be unaware of  germs present . This causes lot of pain and suffering for patients. So technology must step in here to detect germs and protect against it’s adverse effects. One such technology i found here . It’s a bracelet to detect frequency of hand washes. It can detect whether hand was washed before and after treating a patient. And entire usage data is stored in some server , so that it can be analyzed later.

2. Robotics :

images (1)

Robots are becoming integral part of our lives . They found very important roles in healthcare sector. Apollo is one of the pioneer to bring robotic surgery to india. They have wide array of robotic services ranging from heart to cancer . It has claimed that robotic operations are more comfortable too (haven’t gone through one yet , so can’t certify this 🙂 ).  Robotic operations are just tip of the ice berg. There are plenty of other things robots can do. Like giving vision to blind people using bionic eyes ,  control artificial limbs via smart phone apps  , they can even soak butt to prevent bed sores .  So more robots are definitely on the way .

3. Tele Medicine :

Virtual presence of doctors are very important for a country like ours , where medical facilities and infrastructures are still in nascent phase in most part of our country.  This technology is already present , hope it increases it’s coverage .

4. 3d printer  :

Last few weeks it is the buzz word in social media. Some intelligent geeks created some guns with this , and they distributed those files over internet . So that anybody having access to a 3d printer , can just download them and print a gun !! .  This clearly shows how powerful this device is going to be. Affordable 3d printers are just a few years away . It is going to be a sure hit , just like mobile phones. But again, it is not that widely available in our country yet. Here is why I believe it must be used in our healthcare domain..

Some people are even working on some synthetic vaccines which we can download and print at our home using 3d printers.

Lastly I would like to say , technology is already present to touch our lives . It is our responsibility  to open up to it.

(Written as an entry for the Modern Healthcare Indiblogger contest in association with Apollo Hospitals)

5 Must read books before nanowrimo starts

The Art of Storytelling: Telling Truths Through Telling StoriesNanowrimo is just about 24 days away.  Those who are not aware of it please read this . Last time I tried my hands on it , but I could only reach about 20 k words. Hope to finish that this time ( ya I know it’s cheating:) . Last time I attended without reading about art and crafts of novel creation. My only qualification was I read a lot of novels . But I never actually read about novels. This time I am preparing by reading a few texts. Here are 5 such texts which I found quite handy.

1.No Plot? No Problem!: A Low-Stress, High-Velocity Guide to Writing a Novel in 30 Days : An absolute must read for first timers. It’s kind of memoir / personal journal kind of text prepared by a veteran contestant about his first time.

2.Professional Plot Outline Mini-Course  : Will help you to plan your story. This is a very basic and easy read and very essential ingredient for initiating thought process.

3. Story Structure Architect: A Writer’s Guide to Building Dramatic Situations & Compelling Characters  : A very detailed analysis about arranging plot.

4. The Art of Storytelling: Telling Truths Through Telling Stories : Something to keep your creative juices flowing. Very useful to overcome writers block.

5. The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations : A classic book on creating scenes and character scathing . It described almost every possible situation possible in any genre. And the best part is it’s free 🙂

Thats all for now, hope to see you in camp Nanowrimo.

Loo before you leap

If you are visiting corporate headquarters for a job interview, take a comfort break

There is a corner of every office that is much frequented but seldom explored. No management experts write about the washroom or facilities as they are euphemistically called. The boss probably has a loo of his own. So he is not too concerned where the rank and file perform their ablutions and more.

Yet if you are visiting corporate headquarters for a job interview, it’s an absolute must that you take a comfort break. (Not during the interview, of course.) Check out the conveniences. Are they clean? Are they adequate? There is a formula for the number of stalls required which depends on the number of employees (see box). Is it enough or will you be left hopping on one foot during lunchtime?

There are other aspects. In office complexes today, there is often just one set of WCs per floor. This is maintained by the building administration and each individual office on the floor gets a key. It can be a real pain in the neck. To prevent keys from getting lost, they are attached to massive keychains, rather like five-star hotels did before the smartcard. It’s too big to put in your pocket or handbag. When you step out into the corridor, you are making a statement for all to see.

There are newer questions arising around the issue. In the West, particularly in crowded cities, “loo emporiums” are making headway. Reports the BBC: “Unisex toilets are apparently the latest in ‘office cool’, and are currently being tried out by city workers in London. There are no urinals in these loo emporiums, so men have to queue alongside their female colleagues. A new etiquette will be needed to combat rows about men leaving the seat up and women hogging the mirrors. Some say spending a penny in a mixed environment will inject an air of camaraderie into the office.”

In India, it seems they can do without such camaraderie. Unisex loos have not taken off anywhere but in dotcom companies, where the employees rather than the managements have forced a merger.

But there is other loos’ talk that concerns Indian CEOs too. With cellphones proliferating, people have started using stalls to make personal calls. In a cubicle farm, you have no privacy. So what if you are calling your significant other sitting on the potty. If she has an office culture similar to yours, she may be sitting on one at the other end too. But the bottom line is that the restrooms get clogged up.

It is happening for another reason too. In some offices, employees are not allowed to send personal emails or surf the Internet. They do so in the loo on their mobiles. In the UK, a nationwide survey by T-Mobile found that nearly half the respondent base of 2,000 employees used their mobile phone to access the Internet at work; 15 per cent resorted to hiding in the toilet just to get online. Smoking in the loo is, of course, old hat.

Loos are big business, by the way. Last year, a World Toilet Summit was held in New Delhi with more than 40 countries participating. It was promoted by the Singapore-based World Toilet Organisation (WTO). Incidentally, the WTO also has a Toilet College in Singapore.

The WTO is taking the big view of bathrooms. At a micro level — that of the individual corporation — hear out Gerry Crispin, principal of MMC Group, an international staffing consultant: “A good leader doesn’t have to spend his or her time cleaning the restroom. But clearly, if the restroom is dirty, that would be an indication to get the hell out. It says something about the management, as well as the employees who choose to be there.”

There are more ways than one to find out if a job stinks.

Recommended number of office loos
People at work No of toilets No of washbasins
Women or unisex
1-5 1 1
6-25 2 2
26-50 3 3
51-75 4 4
76-100 5 5

1-15 1 1
16-30 2 1
31-45 2 2
46-60 3 2
61-75 3 3
76-90 4 3
91-100 4 4
(Source: Health and Safety Executive)

Name :)

The other day , when I was chatting with my buddys we came to know that there are some people living in romania whose surnames are really funny if pronounced in Hindi. So I sat with google and delved into some yellow pages and social sites and brought out these names. First of all you shouldn’t get angry if you see your name here ;) This is meant for pure fun. And I expect people to contribute profoundly. So here goes the list….


1. Srilaxmi Gandla This surname is quite humorous. what you think? if you want to check her out here is thelink. I have also found a blog called :)

2. Robin Gandley She is a professor in a prestigious institute. Here is her public profile.

3. Chip Munk Surprisingly he is not Chinese.

4.Dr. Hymen I got his name from this article.

5.Fiona Lo Fu Kiu Just try to utter the end part quickly. I discovered her from facebook.

6.Marshall Law And we are talking about a person, not about army law.

7.Dr. Les Plack You guessed it right. He is a dentist.

8.Jack Haas It’s such a common name .

This list can go on and on. Please suggest if you find anything. Am closing this with a hindi film nameAndheri Raat Mein Diya Tere Haath Mein . Hero of this movie is Master Bhagwan. And here is the proof.

And I am back

Welcome to my blog once again. I used to own this domain during my college days, then I discontinued. Buying a domain & hosting was a bit complex here in India. Thanks to BigRock for making things simpler. I bought back my domain, looking forward to spend some quality time in here. Hope, you will like it.

Thanks                                                                                                                                   Rwik