Review: One Life Is Not Enough

One Life Is Not Enough
One Life Is Not Enough by K. Natwar Singh

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Initial part of the book interested me more , as it revolves around colonial india and it’s social elements. The chapter on sonia gandhi is a bit let down , expected some more straight forward criticisms . Too much words have been wasted to prove innocence from volkar allegation . Overall an interesting contemporary biography.

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Plan for rest of 2014

1. learn python

2. read 50 books

3. complete ocjp

4. read a lot on how to write . here lot means loooooooooooot :)

5. Finish 3 sets of photo projects.

6. Code 100 snippets .

7. Write 12 short stories.

8. Cook 50 different dishes.

9. Update all activities here :)


Will keep updating this post for rest of the year. New year resolution is such a cliche , have been failing to meet since childhood. So this time I took a year ending resolution for a change. Lets see :D



Mounting windows 8.1 partition in ubuntu

After upgrading to windows 8.1 I couldn’t able to mount windows partitions in ubuntu. Had to google it and finally deciphered the mystery behind fast booting time of windows 8.1. Actually it keeps all drives in hibernate mode even when you shutdown.   That is why ubuntu finds it difficult to mount . To resolve this, you just run command as an administrator in windows and type “powercfg.exe /hibernate off”  .

Warning : you are windows booting time will increase drastically :)


4+1 architectural view model

Was gogling for some system design documents.  Haven’t created anything for long , so am planning to work on a few personal projects this month. And I found this model. It’s interesting and easy , don’t know how i missed this .  Have a look here

Overeview :

Paper :